Professional Sleep Advice

• Workout.

Working out is another excellent remedy which helps to boost ones sleeping patterns at all times. Therefore after work, try out some exercises around the home if you are unable to hit the gym or go to the gym as well. Aside from engaging in intensive workouts, you can do other exercises which are essential for relaxing the body and the mind. These exercises include yoga, and meditations. Do, some stretches and, and you will be good to go.

• Watch on your diet.

The kind of food you eat before you head to bed or the amount of food you eat before sleeping influences your overall sleep. The metabolism of the body takes place during the night. And therefore, if the food is not able to be broken down or digested with ease at night, this in return results to great discomforts to the body thus resulting to poor sleep. So, make sure to eat less food at night and avoid foods that are high in calories since they also play a role in affecting the digestion process.

• Take some relaxing measures before you sleep.

Everyone has the kind of activity or thing they like to do to relax their body and mind. Do you love meditating, taking a walk in the evening or just reading a book? Well, figure out what makes you relax at night and do it before sleeping. The key factor to good sleep has a relaxed mind and body which results in a good night sleep all night long. Just makes sure the activity does not strain your body. If you love listening to music, you could listen to a couple of your favorite tunes before you head to bed or even read a book before sleeping. These measures act like therapy for increasing your relaxation and helps you fall asleep fast since your mind is free from stress and is calm as well.

• Take a warm bath.

This is mainly essential for seniors who find it hard to sleep at night. Taking a warm bath at night helps one to have a relaxed body which results in a more relaxed body which also helps you to have a comfortable sleep at night. Note that taking a warm bath at night only works by improving the quality of sleep at night.

• Sleep when you are ready.

Although it is crucial for one to establish a sleeping pattern, sometime this routine may not work whereby you fail to catch sleep when you get to bed. Considering you cannot force yourself to sleep, avoid staying in bed staring in spaces, get out and find something to do. You can listen to soothing music or go and do some activities in the house. The critical factor to this tip is to make sure you sleep your body is ready and tired. This helps you avoid frustrations which may still interfere with your sleep.

• Avoid staring at the clock.

If you are used to sleeping at 10 o’clock but you realize that a few minutes have gone before you catch some sleep. Do not turn to the clock to check the time. This increases your anxiety and stress thus interfering with your sleep hormones completely. Instead, relax in bed or instead do some relaxing activities until you can fall back to sleep. Note that this cannot happen when you head to bed as you may sometimes wake up in the middle of the night too. So, if you are not able to fall asleep again probably within the first 30 minutes of waking up, consider engaging in your relaxing activities to soothe you back to sleep.

• Balance your liquid intake.

This involves controlling the number of fluids you take before you head to bed and also making sure you take the fluids before you head to bed. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to look for water since this may cause you not to fall asleep again or may cause you to take long before you get back to sleep. On the other hand, you don’t want to keep on making routine visits to the toilet due to the excess fluids you took before your bedtime. Therefore, make sure to take enough fluids that will keep you hydrated for an entire night such that you will not feel thirsty or keep on going to the toilet.

• Ensure the room is completely dark when sleeping.

Even a small illumination in your bedroom can hugely interfere with your circadian rhythm by causing it not to stimulate the sleep hormones. Therefore make sure that you have switched off all the lights in the room. If there are illumination coming from the bedroom windows, change the curtains and install the dark colored ones which cover the entire window. If the curtains are not working for you, use eye masks since they also work correctly in ensuring that your eyes are fully covered from the bright illuminations.

• Relax.

One of the reasons that we can sleep at night and do it peacefully is because our minds and bodies are fully relaxed. This allows the sleep hormones to stay active thus facilitating excellent and restful sleep all night long. This means that a peaceful mind leads to a peaceful night sleep. Avoid overthinking when you get to bed since this shifts your system to other matters. Avoid brainstorming about what to do or how to do things and instead, make sure to focus your brains to good thoughts that will calm you and help you relax. When you get to bed, set your body and mind to a relaxation mode before you try to fall asleep.

• Avoid early night drowsiness.

This is a common thing that occurs to many people especially if they eat a heavy meal or if they sit idle on the couch. If you find yourself falling asleep while seated, get up and get yourself busy to avoid sleeping early. This is because the early drowsiness causes one to sleep early and end up maybe waking up in the middle of the night. So, if you feel sleepy a bit early, do other chores to keep yourself busy and avoid going to bed earlier than usual.

• Avoid alcohol at night.

Although most people take alcohol during the night to help them calm down and relax, research shows that it can affect your sleeping patterns. Alcohol decreases the creation of the melatonin which are the hormones responsible for sleep thus depriving you of sleep or causing you to have interrupted sleeping patterns at night. If you have to take alcohol on the weekends, make sure to minimize the consumption. You can choose one bottle and ensure you receive it four to five hours before you sleep.

• Get good beddings.

Did you know that your bed can also cause you to have an uncomfortable sleep at night? Well, this is possible since the kind of mattress, the sheets, and even the blankets determines your comfort when sleeping. Therefore, if you find that you have started to sink deep into the mattress when asleep, consider changing it since this is a sign that the bed is worn out. Also, ensure to change your sheets at least thrice in the week. If you have backache problems, it is crucial that you buy the medicated mattresses which are equipped with foam for supporting the back for better nights of sleep.


If you are having problems sleeping at night, try out the above tips as they work magic in improving the sleep. It is also essential that you invest in a comfortable bed since the kind of bed you use can also interfere with your sleep or even cause discomforts and pains. If your bed has stayed for more than ten years, consider changing it as it may cause these discomforts as well. Avoid overworking yourself and if you work at night shift, make sure to sleep during the day. Before taking any sleep supplements, make sure to consult a doctor so he or she can guide you on the right dose of the medicine to take. The doctor can also carry out some tests on you to determine what is causing you not to sleep well.